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Prof. Martin Hoogendoorn, professor of External Reporting, discusses the latest developments in external reporting. In particular, developments in Dutch legislation and regulations that are important for the preparation, compilation, assessment or audit of the financial statements. We will work with various case positions from practice. It will be an interactive meeting, so you will have the opportunity to respond and ask questions.

Key points

  • New legislation
  • New Guidelines for Annual Reporting
  • New draft Guidelines for Annual Reporting
  • Judgments and estimates
  • Experiences with current costs
  • Revenue recognition
  • Outline new IFRS


Prof. dr. Martin Hoogendoorn RA

Martin Hoogendoorn is professor of external reporting at Erasmus University Rotterdam, deputy councillor at the Enterprise Chamber and chairman of the editorial board of the monthly MAB. Until mid-2015, he was a partner at EY. Since May 2016 he is the new chairman of the NBA’s Reporting Board.

Practical information

Date: 29 October 2019
Time: 16.00 – 20.30 hrs
Location: Creating Insights, The Hague
Maximum number of participants: 25
PE-points: 4
Costs: € 395 excl. VAT

Creating Insights Course Current Affairs External Reporting

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