Sustainability and ESG Reporting


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Sustainability and ESG are terms that are indispensable today. Every organization encounters them, and by 2024/2025, all large enterprises will be required to report on their sustainability strategy and performance. Sustainable development involves reducing negative impacts on people, the environment, and the economy of the organization and its value chain. Of course, it also involves increasing positive impact and creating systemic change.

How do you determine which themes your organization should address and what and how you should report on them? This question is central to this training.

Reporting is not only becoming mandatory but also presents an opportunity. Sustainability reporting enables organizations to consider their impact on a wide range of sustainability issues. This makes the company more transparent about the risks and opportunities it faces. Reporting on sustainability allows organizations to manage and improve both impacts and their risks and opportunities related to sustainability issues.

An external report that transparently shows how the organization achieves this contributes to a better reputation, more satisfied employees, and can even provide a competitive advantage. More and more stakeholders are demanding this, and more and more companies are starting to report on sustainability because they see the benefits. Or because investors, banks, or legislation demand it.

For whom

Controllers, accountants, accountants in business, communication officers, internal auditors, reporting specialists, strategy and sustainability coordinators.


Various standards are available for reporting on sustainability. During this training, we will focus on different standards such as the GRI Standard, the most widely used guideline worldwide. In this introduction, we demonstrate how to effectively report on sustainability information such as safety, human rights issues in the chain, employee development, CO2, or waste reduction. This helps you determine which topics are most important for your organization, how to manage them, and how to effectively communicate them to stakeholders. We will discuss various trends and developments, different standards that can be used, and provide a basic approach for a sustainability report.

After the training

  • You know what sustainable development is and what it means for companies.
  • You have knowledge and understanding of terms such as sustainability, ESG, CSR, and impact.
  • You are familiar with the main frameworks in the field of CSR.
  • You know what sustainability reporting entails and the value it brings to your organization.
  • You are aware of the latest trends and developments in the field of legislation and standards, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the EU Taxonomy, and the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD).
  • You understand how the CSRD relates to existing reporting standards (GRI, SASB, TCFD, IIRC) and other legislation.
  • You are familiar with the main components of a sustainability report.
  • You know how to identify the important topics (also known as material themes) for your organization in line with the principle of double materiality.
  • You can create a plan to get started within your organization, integrating compliance with the CSRD into the existing strategy formation, planning, and control cycle. Creating Insights is accredited by CEDEO and the Royal Actuarial Society. We guarantee participants an offer that meets CEDEO’s quality requirements and offer certified PE hours.

This training is provided by Ester de Graaf.


  • 15th & 30th of May 2024 (Training in Dutch)
  • 21th & 28th of August 2024 (Training in Dutch)


16:00 – 20:30


Benoordenhoutseweg 43, Den Haag

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€ 695,- ex. BTW


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It was an intensive and enlightening training. Well spread out over two days and paired with a delightful dinner. A diverse and enjoyable group. We exchanged many experiences. As an accountant, I gained a lot of knowledge about sustainability/ESG! – Vahdet Donmez, Certified Accountant.

Sustainability and ESG Reporting


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